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Drilling the Well

  The well was drilled today.  It rained a lot and one of the trucks got stuck. Advertisements

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Dawn of the Dozer

  After working on this house design and construction project for over two years, it looks as though a dozer and shovel will hit the ground over the next two days.  We are very excited.   We met with our builder … Continue reading

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Selecting the Windows

Selecting the proper windows was a pretty interesting task.  When we first started in our planning stage many months ago, we got a price on run-of-the-mill tan vinyl windows, double paned.  We thought this was a good plan to use … Continue reading

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Staking House Location

 Yesterday, we met with the builder to stake out the location of the house. His name is Jonathan Good, of Good Construction and Manufacturing.  We want a position that is high enough on the small hill to enable a good view … Continue reading

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Finding True South

The house will be properly oriented in order to benefit from full exposure to the sun. The longer axis of our house (the house is a long rectangular building) will be situated so its west to east walls face due south … Continue reading

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Quick Note on Design

We discovered that it’s a good idea to design your house so that the longer axis of the house is running west/east, so that there is a larger area of space gaining solar energy. Also, we made the house a simple … Continue reading

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