Quick Note on Design

We discovered that it’s a good idea to design your house so that the longer axis of the house is running west/east, so that there is a larger area of space gaining solar energy. Also, we made the house a simple rectangular shape to maximize the benefits of this theory. Inside the house, areas which are most frequently used, should be located on the longer, south side of the building. The sunlight can enter through windows in the south side and hit the concrete floors which will capture the heat. The shorter east and west ends of the house reduce the amount of surface area exposed to the sun and cuts down on heat gain. Also, we made sure the west side did not have too many windows to minimize prolonged exposure to sun in the summer months. Spaces such as storage, laundry rooms, bathrooms, hallways (spaces that have lots of walls) can be placed on the house’s north end where the walls don’t interfere with optimal solar gain in the main living area of the house (i.e. living room, kitchen and dining room).

Living space running west-east with full sun

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