Reoccurring Theme

Car stuck in mud

Things getting stuck:

John took the boys to the property yesterday to learn how to do manly work like; fix a tractor, clear trees to make way for a driveway, get the car stuck in mud, figure out a way to get the car un-stuck, using a tractor to extract a car from mud.

Also, here’s a photo of a digger at the property. It is mentally preparing to start digging. Monday is its big day.



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2 Responses to Reoccurring Theme

  1. hoserman says:

    Is that your new tractor??? You’ll need a barn soon too…

  2. JS says:

    Not really ‘new’, but new to me. It is a 1965 David Brown 990 Implematic – a sweet ride back in the day. Maybe not a barn, but some sort of drive-shed with a concrete floor would be great!

    BTW – who are you, Hoserman?

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