Concrete Floor Poured

The concrete floor was also poured last week.  The purpose of the concrete floor is to act as thermal mass to store the heat from the sun.  When the sun shines on the concrete during the day, the 4″ thick concrete slab absorbs the heat.
 This serves two purposes:  first, it ‘evens out’ the heat from the sun – instead of the sun’s rays heating the air on the  inside of your living space to uncomfortable temperatures (think about when you get in your car on a hot sunny summer day), the heat is aborbed by the concrete, thereby evening out the heat.  Secondly, this stored thermal heat is slowly released back into the living space at night when the air temperature drops.
In our case, the concrete has a third purpose in that it holds the radiant floor tubing we installed.  The concrete will eventually be dyed a slate-grey colour.
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