Radiant Heat Tubing Installed

We completed the radiant floor tubing installation last week.  Those tubes are placed 12 inches apart, in two separate heating zones – one for the north and one for the south.
It was tricky to get all of the tube runs the same length within 10% (so there is equal pressure from the distribution header) but we managed in the end.  We also had to install the tubing in such a way that we minimized crossing the tubing.
This type of detail is admittedly not my forte.  Thankfully, Jonathan has a very logical mind and his staff have amazing attention to detail.  With their help this job turned out really well, and I am very happy with the result.  (Thanks again, guys!)
These are the headers that will distribute the heating fluid (glycol) through the tubes thereby heating the floor.  We purchased these pre-made from a supplier, and this will save us much time and hassle.
They are pretty simple though, and if I ever do radiant flooring elsewhere, these items could be easily manufactured with minimal soldering skills, saving hundreds of dollars.   The pressure gauges allowed us to test the tubing runs to verify they are leak-free.  10 days later they are still reading exactly 60 psi, so the job was well done!
The second stage of the radiant system – the installation of the pumps, controls and the on-demand propane burner will happen in a few weeks.
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