Performance in Winter & Summer

Performance in Winter & Summer

House is performing very well. We have radiant in-floor heating on the main floor and second floor bathroom, but not currently operational. We use the sun to heat the house on sunny days and the woodstove on cloudy days. If it is a sunny day, we do not use the woodstove as this overheats the house even if it is minus 30 C outside. The super-insulated aspect is very important to performance not just increased south windows.

House is also cool in the summer. One important design feature, which was made to our final plans and shades the large south window in the summer, is on the south roof design we made a longer roof section that comes down and shades the large south window in the middle. We also bought blinds for the south windows to shade the windows in the summer and prevent overheating, but found we didn’t really experience any problem. We open windows at night to cool and close up windows during the day. Again, super-insulated walls and roof keep heat out and cool air in.

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