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A week of Zero Co2 Emissions for Heating (Almost)

From Monday evening until Saturday morning this week, we only burned only one small fire in the wood stove, and no other heat sources beside the heat generated by our appliances.  This is our 3rd winter in this house and that is … Continue reading

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Performance in Winter & Summer

House is performing very well. We have radiant in-floor heating on the main floor and second floor bathroom, but not currently operational. We use the sun to heat the house on sunny days and the woodstove on cloudy days. If … Continue reading

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Finishing – Siding, Trim, Lights

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Concrete Floors

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Thermal Mass – Finished Concrete Floors

Thermal mass refers to the ability of materials to store heat. Construction materials store heat differently. For example, wood absorbs heat slowly and steel absorbs heat quickly. Concrete and masonry materials absorb and release heat effectively, which is why we … Continue reading

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Painting and Floors

Painting and Floors

We are working on painting (just finished the primer and ceilings, next is the colour on the walls). Zenon came in and did our hardwood floors. Next up is staining and finishing the concrete floor. Photos to come….

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